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We're Looking For Candidates That Are Stand Up People & That Stand Out From The Rest!



We are seeking a skilled and seasoned Budtender to provide expert guidance to customers in the selection of appropriate cannabis products. The Budtender's role encompasses a warm customer reception, promptly reporting customer concerns and operational matters to management, and drawing from personal encounters with cannabis items to address customer queries. Additionally, you will be expected to furnish insights into diverse cannabis strains, their therapeutic applications, and consumption methods. Med Leaf s a new adult-use dispensary in Egg Harbor City in Atlantic County. 


A successful Budtender should maintain a solid grasp of evolving cannabis regulations to ensure adherence to legal standards. Ultimately, an exceptional Budtender will showcase exceptional communication prowess and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring customers are well-informed and content with their chosen purchases.


Budtender Responsibilities:


Offering recommendations to customers for suitable cannabis products based on their requirements, inclinations, financial considerations, and responses to various cannabis strains.

Staying updated on new cannabis merchandise in the market and staying abreast of the latest industry trends via participation in trade shows and research endeavors.

Executing customer transactions using the dispensary's Point of Sale (POS) system.

Upholding a consistently clean and well-organized dispensary environment.

Educating customers on the responsible usage of their selected cannabis products.

Precisely measuring, packaging, and appropriately labeling cannabis products in accordance with regulations.

Verifying the legal age of customers by reviewing their identification documents.

Conducting inventory checks of cannabis products and ensuring the sales area is adequately stocked.


Budtender Requirements:


High school diploma or GED equivalent.

Demonstrated background in Budtender roles.

Possession of a valid marijuana worker's permit or license.

Profound understanding of various cannabis strains and their therapeutic properties.

Proficiency in utilizing Microsoft Office applications.

Exemplary organizational aptitude.

Strong analytical and problems-solving proficiencies.

Effective communication capabilities.

Exceptional talent in delivering top-notch customer service.

Must be a resident of an Impact Zone

The nearest impact zones to Med Leaf are: 

Atlantic City city, NJ  

Buena Borough  

Buena Vista Township  

Hamilton Township (Atlantic County), NJ  

Pleasantville City


Dispensary Manager 


Our aspiration is to lead the industry in crafting superior cannabis medicine, and we're in search of individuals who share our vision of becoming the torchbearers of tomorrow. Our expansion plans call for individuals with worldly wisdom, a passion for aiding those in need, and the determination to make a global impact. As a General Manager, you'll play a pivotal role in guiding and nurturing store managers to unlock their potential. The ideal candidate brings a track record of steering multiple stores, ensuring utmost customer contentment, and proficiently gauging financial performance.


The General Manager assumes responsibility for day-to-day dispensary operations, overseeing core department managers (Security, Sales, Customer Services, Inventory), and orchestrating all endeavors related to facilities, accounting, sales and marketing, and public relations. This role holds financial accountability for the P&L and bears the mantle of executing strategies with precision. Reporting to and answerable to the corporate officers, this position serves as a beacon of leadership.


The General Manager assumes leadership across all facility departments. Diligently managing the budget approved by senior management, they ensure operations align with established protocols. This role oversees the holistic aspects of the building—ranging from its aesthetics, hygiene, functionality, and safety to providing an exceptional customer journey.


Above all, this role holds the ultimate responsibility of ensuring employees adhere scrupulously to the laws and regulations governing medical marijuana.




Cultivate the store management team to deliver impeccable customer experiences and execute operational strategies effectively.

Propel the execution of company initiatives by inspiring and aiding the store management team in crafting and implementing plans that achieve objectives.

Lead with integrity and transparency.

Strategize, communicate, and delegate responsibilities to the store management team, fostering seamless operational flow within the organization.

Evaluate store environments and key business metrics to identify areas for enhancement, concerns, and opportunities.

Devise implementation plans to enhance both operational efficiency and outcomes, meticulously tracking accountability to plans.

Monitor and manage managerial staffing levels, ensuring a robust pool of leaders to meet and sustain district operational requisites.

Garner insights to comprehend customer and community needs by actively seeking feedback.

Leverage management tools and dissect financial reports to uncover trends and address district performance matters.

Provide coaching, feedback, and growth prospects to managers to foster the development of effective teams.


Required Education/Experience:


A General Manager in our dispensary demands a blend of retail management experience coupled with a background in Pharmacy operations.  While prior experience in the cannabis sector is advantageous, it's not obligatory. The candidate must be 21 years of age or older and successfully pass a criminal background screening.

Must be a resident of an Impact Zone

The nearest impact zones to Med Leaf are: 

Atlantic City city, NJ  

Buena Borough  

Buena Vista Township  

Hamilton Township (Atlantic County), NJ  

Pleasantville City


Inventory Manager 


The role of the Inventory & Fulfillment Associate is integral to the secure internal processes of the dispensary, encompassing the meticulous handling of incoming, stored, and organized product inventory. This position involves fulfilling both in-store and online orders with accurate medical or recreational products, conducting regular audits of in-store inventory, and maintaining pristine and organized workspaces, including vault areas. The role thrives on collaborative efforts within the team.


Key Responsibilities


Collaborate closely with the Inventory Manager and General Manager to ensure consistent product stocking throughout the day.

Execute daily, weekly, and monthly audits under the guidance of the Inventory Manager.

Adhere meticulously to hygiene and sanitation protocols outlined in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Uphold departmental organization and overall cleanliness, covering both the workspace and product storage zones.

Ensure optimal levels of supplies, promptly notifying the inventory manager of low stock situations.

Immediately notify the General Manager or Inventory Manager of any concerns related to product quality, packaging, or labeling.

Organize products systematically based on SKU, commodity group, and METRC tags within both the vault and sales area.

Maintain a clear segregation between Medical and Recreational products at all times.

Precisely package POS or Online Express Orders with accurate quantities, complying with local and state packaging and labeling requirements.

Respond attentively to all printed tickets, ensuring orderly and timely order fulfillment.

Arrange and file incoming order bags while promptly communicating any issues to the Inventory Manager.

Verify saleability of products in POS, ensuring accuracy.

Contribute constructive feedback on sluggish-moving or overstocked items.

Demonstrate unwavering adherence to inventory and product handling procedures for 100% compliance.

Restore abandoned orders to their rightful batches.

Provide troubleshooting support for our POS and online ordering system.

Promptly report any discrepancies.

Quickly adapt and learn METRC procedures.

Input products into our POS for sales purposes.

Investigate and resolve discrepancies as needed.

Manifest waste appropriately for production.

Conduct regular weekly and spot inventory audits.

Update online product descriptions and images.

Facilitate virtual movement of products between vaults in METRC.

Maintain balance in METRC between both licenses.

Identify and log product return tags in both POS and METRC for waste management.

Verify wholesale orders for accuracy.




Minimum age of 21 years.

High school diploma or GED.

Fundamental knowledge of cannabis strains.

Basic proficiency in computer operations, including intermediate skills in MS Excel.

Intermediate mathematical capabilities.

Strong commitment to serving the cannabis community.

Exceptional communication skills.

Attentiveness to detail, with the ability to follow complex instructions meticulously.

Physical ability to lift and carry items weighing up to 50 lbs., reach overhead, and stand for up to 10 hours a day.

Preferred Skills and Abilities

Prior experience within the cannabis industry.

One year or more of retail sales or inventory control experience.

Familiarity with retail Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Must be a resident of an Impact Zone

The nearest impact zones to Med Leaf are: 

Atlantic City city, NJ  

Buena Borough  

Buena Vista Township  

Hamilton Township (Atlantic County), NJ  

Pleasantville City

Must be a resident of an Impact Zone

The nearest impact zones to Med Leaf are: 

Atlantic City city, NJ  

Buena Borough  

Buena Vista Township  

Hamilton Township (Atlantic County), NJ  

Pleasantville City


Please note: This job description may not encompass all aspects of the role. Employees may be requested to undertake other related duties as required to fulfill the ongoing needs of the organization.

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